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Hey, I'm Linda.
So nice that you're here.

I am Linda, a Top #20 podcaster, mentor, speaker, visionary, and purpose influencer. A creative soul who constantly rediscovers herself, expresses herself, and seeks experiences on all levels. My vision is to empower women to step into their visibility and self-love. To accompany them on their journey towards true quality of life. Back to their path in deep heart connections and sisterhood with other women. For a fulfilling, loving, and successful life inside & out. Because when we heal ourselves and step out with our gift to the world, we can also heal the world a little and make it more loving. My absolute passion is to accompany you - back to yourself and into a space where you can feel and truly live, enjoy, and love again. Goodbye standard and average, Hello Juicy Abundance Adventure Life! I also love to continue educating myself regularly because my personal growth is very important to me, so I can always offer you the best quality. I do this by reading a lot, but also by taking intensive coaching and training. Since I love creativity, photography, art, and music are also a big part of my life. Our Earth and all living beings on it are very dear to me, so I run my company 100% carbon neutral through CO2 compensations with great organizations to which I regularly donate. For example, to Naturefund and The Ocean Cleanup.

Portrait Linda Roth
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Image by Yoann Boyer
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Feedback from my clients 

"Linda has a gift for explaining technical things in a simple and understandable way, and she is extremely knowledgeable. She brings her wonderful energy into everything she does and simultaneously pays attention to the appropriate energies of both oneself and their offerings. I now feel super prepared and am overjoyed with my visibility. Both personally and in terms of the service - just wonderful." - Dunja S.

"Linda has incredible expertise and shapes one's visions into a harmonious form, structuring them in a way that makes them successful and visible to the world. She makes everything possible that is truly meaningful and executes it wonderfully, but also clearly states when something is not helpful for the client. This way, one always has a good feeling, feels well advised and taken care of, and gains an even clearer vision of their own business. Thanks to Linda, I managed to build a successful company within a year, which I couldn't have imagined at the beginning of this journey." - Anke W.

"Linda has the ability to break down the most complicated things for me and reduce them to what is truly essential, so much so that at the age of 60, I managed to successfully start my own business again and feel well prepared. Both with my beautiful aspects and within myself with all my knowledge and guidance for the future." - Magret L.

"Linda is such a gifted, connected, and loving soul and brings so much wisdom and creative ideas to the table that working together is simply fun and super easy and quick. - Jasmine A.

"Thank you for this beautiful space. For the first time in a long while, I was able to truly open my heart and felt so safe and supported. Thank you for this magical and wonderful experience. I can still draw so much from these moments with you today and nourish myself." - Aline B.

I love...

Business Mentoring Linda Roth

.. Sunrises and sunsets
... Aesthetic in all areas
... Interior design
... Photography
... Dancing
... Music
... Festivals and concerts
... Animals (except for spiders #HELP)
... Nature
... Romantic date nights
... Excursions and travels - getting to know the world
... Freedom, love, lightness, and sensuality
... Myself and life

... beautiful things
... quiet moments
... reading
... good food
... decorations
... courageous and warm-hearted people
... change
... growth
... further education
... spirituality
... personal development
... my soul business
... the wonderful people in my life

Image by Frida Aguilar Estrada

My trainings and further education

Business Bootcamp Academy bei Calvin Hollywood 
Instagram Like a Boss bei Calvin Hollywood 

Business like a pro bei Danny Ziegler
Speaking Ausbildung bei Tobias Beck 

All About Instagram bei Alexandra Hübschmann
Umsatzboost bei Alexandra Hübschmann 
Personal Branding Boost bei Alexandra Hübschmann 

Money Mindset bei Alexandra Hübschmann 
Preisgestaltung im Business bei Alexandra Hübschmann 

To the Moon bei Future Finance Dein Weg in die Selbstständigkeit bei Alexandra Hübschmann

Total Abundance bei Laura Seiler 
5x Rise Up and Shine Uni bei Laura Seiler 
I AM Kurs bei Laura Seiler 
Löwenherz bei Laura Seiler 
Higher Self Home bei Laura Seiler


Love your Soul & Cycle bei Nanuk Jäger 
Tantra Home Retreat bei Julias Spiritual Living 
Mindset und Heartset Coaching bei Yvonne Beuckens 
Ernährung und Fitnesscoaching bei Yul Oelze 

9D Transformational Breathwork Journey

Breathmasters Masterclass
Und viele weitere 

Dazu kommen über 300 Bücher zum Thema Businessaufbau, Female Leadership, Selbstliebe, Unternehmertum, Finanzen und Spiritualität.


Unter dem Menü-Punkt Für 0€ findest du auch eine Bücherliste mit allen Büchern die ich empfehlen kann. 

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