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Touching People. Motivating. Moving

Keynotes and Individual Workshops with Linda for Your Employees, Clients, and Community

KeyNote mit Linda Roth

I have personally experienced what it feels like to work in a job that does not serve or fulfill you. Where you get migraines and stomach cramps just thinking about going to work. When you act against your inner voice and your own soul path, losing yourself in the process.

But I also know the magic that unfolds within oneself and in one's life when a decision is made! The decision: This cannot continue - there must be more possible for me and my life!

In just under 3 years, despite external crises, I have built a successful company and learned how successful and emotional marketing works. But also, how to touch people on a material and spiritual level, engaging and inspiring them for my work. So that they gladly recommend me and book me multiple times, filling my calendar and accounts well in advance. But it's not just material abundance; it's also abundance in my heart, as I can bring people into their visibility and show them a life they previously thought was impossible.

I have gained more trust in myself and my life and can act more out of love, supporting others instead of building walls and constantly acting against each other. From my own experience, I know that the basis for such success is self-love and mindset. If I do not give myself the appreciation and love I desire from others, then I cannot expect it from anyone else! And I cannot truly pass it on to others and give them the love they deserve. Everything always starts with ourselves.

If I do not believe in absolute love, abundance, and ease in my own life and my mind paints everything black, then I will not be able to live my biggest and most colorful visions. That is why it is so important for me to connect the topics of self-love, community, and visibility and to meet your community or clients where they are. To show them what is possible. That they are the creators of their own lives and not victims of external circumstances! That they deserve all their love, just like their fellow human beings.

I am happy to now pass on all my knowledge and experiences in my keynotes and workshops. I learned speaking and event planning exclusively from TOBIAS BECK.

Meine Hauptthemen

Image by Jason Buscema



Dich selbst kennen und lieben lernen. 
Denn Selbstliebe ist die Basis für ein erfülltes und erfolgreiches Leben im Innen und Außen.



Kreiere dir ein erfülltes, liebevolles, freies und erfolgreiches Leben voller Lebensqualität. 
Wie man seine Lebensqualität bewusst steigern kann und all seine Träume manifestiert.


Business & Sichtbarkeit

Die Geheimnisse hinter einem erfolgreichen Business, welches nicht nur im Außen erstrahlt und zum Kundenmagneten wird. Sondern auch im Innen alle Beteiligten erfüllt und antreibt.



Die Hauptthemen können natürlich auch erweitern werden für Themen, wie zum Beispiel: Weiblichkeit, Manifestieren, Marketing und co. Alles was zu den Hauptthemen gehört mache ich gerne für Sie möglich. 

Die genauen Inhalte werden individuell mit Ihnen besprochen und abgestimmt. Und ich erstelle meine KeyNote passend zu ihrem Event.


Deutsch und Englisch

KeyNote Zeit 

15, 30, 60 oder 90 Minuten
Wenn es der Rahmen erlaubt ist immer ein Q&A im Anschluss möglich ( bis zu (30 Minuten)


Von Firmenevents ab 5 Mitarbeitern/ Partnern

Über Retreats mit 5-50 Teilnehmern 

Bis hin zu großen Veranstaltungen mit mehreren Tausend Teilnehmern 

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